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  On Air Team
Meet the team
Andy Hibberd

Andy is not just a presenter, he is head of music! So make sure you have a listen to him with Greg.

Charlie Diprose

IPresenter Coming Soon!

Conor Avery

Presenter Coming Soon!

David Hastie

Presenter Coming Soon!

Emily Huggins

Emily is also part of the music team, and has a love of music. Find out more!

Emily Parker

Emily is also part of the team, and has a love of music and is one of our Bosses! Find out more!

George Booker

Presenter Coming Soon!

Greg Reeves

Entrepreneur at sweet 16, Greg has 4 businesses with fellow presenter Thomas Pass. But still loves a bit of music!

Katie Cowdrey

Katie is new to all of this and hopes to thrill you with her humor on a monday morning and help you wake up!

Kim Finch

Presenter Coming Soon!

Launen Hunder

FPresenter Coming Soon!

Matt Baines

Money man matt, loves abit of squash! Find out more about him!

Oli Ingram

Oli is not just a voice on here, he's also Marketing Director at Chance, and also keen a great photographer Find out more about him!

Rupert Banks

Presenter Coming Soon!

Sam Pinion

Presenter Coming Soon!

Skye Stevenson

Presenter Coming Soon!

Steven Mills

An X'director here at Chance, he loves abit of music and you guys giving him a text! Text STEVE to 020 8123 3935.

Thomas Geggus

Presenter Coming Soon!

Tom Hodge

Tom and Steve are entertaining you through the week! Find out what its like to spend so much time with steve...

Tom Oxnard

New to the station is Tom, Hard working and again loving music meet Tom!

Tom Pass

Thomas has a passion for radio, and has been lucky enough to work for some of the biggest stations in the UK. Find out more.

Want To Present?

Presenter Coming Soon!

  Off Air Team
Meet the team who run chance!
David Harris

So ive worked this weekend, got wrinckly hands and smell of chip fat! But the weekend was great! Met Boy George at a local event! It was weird...

David Higham

Its been an eventful week! And LOTS of chart change! 28 move down, 7 move up and we have 5 new enteries! But who is number one!

Emily Cowper

Fancy wining iPods? All you have to do is tune in to Chance everyday for a week! Get 5 codes, put them into 1 new code, submit and win!

Robyn Asprey

New website, new sound, new hit music! Chance is full of the new at the moment! What new things have happerned to you?? I personally have ...

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